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The Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad District Branch founded in 1923 has completed its 100 eventful years of diverse activities dedicated to Service of Humanity! In commemoration of its Centenary Celebrations, the Ahmedabad Red Cross has undertaken its Dream Project of setting up a World Class Blood Centre with State-of-the-Art Facilities! The Shatabdi Bhavan has been named in the fond memory of Late Shri Kiran Chudgar, Former Chairman and a Patron Donor of Ahmedabad Red Cross.

The Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Program founded in 1963, has over the past six decades earned distinct name and fame for its Pioneering Role in Voluntary Blood Donation and for the Salutary Contribution in its Mission for Thalassemia Care, Awareness and Prevention! Today, Ahmedabad has come to be acknowledged as the Blood Donation Capital of India, with the highest Blood Donor to Population Ratio in the country. The Ahmedabad Red Cross has adopted over 1,200 children suffering from Thalassemia, who are offered free blood transfusion services round the year.